• SongTool – information about SongTool and DelayTool
  • Music Page – my music credits and gear list

 Apple Resources

Information directly from the source

  • Mac Dev Center – development resources for Mac OS X, including the developer library
  • iOS Dev Center – development resources for iOS, including language reference
  • Swift – official page for Apple’s new programming language, including a blog from the language development team
  • The Swift Programming Language – tour and language reference for Swift

Non-Apple Resources

Really smart people writing about really cool things

  • NSBlog – lots of advanced topics from Mike Ash
  • NSHipster – in-depth, but highly readable, explanations of API elements
  • – online magazine showcasing advanced techniques and best practices


Actual books to read and re-read


Some great talks, mostly about Swift since that’s what I’ve been studying recently

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