App Maker. Musician. Developer of SongTool and DelayTool.

In programming, as in music, I strive for simplicity. When I began studying jazz, the ethos of Miles Davis immediately spoke to me. His desire to remove all but the most important elements in his music influences how I view art to this day. Not coincidentally, this artistic sensibility shows up in my approach to software development, as well. Whether in architectural decisions, coding style, or interface design, I endeavor to create clear, concise, maintainable software that provides a pleasing experience for the ultimate audience – the user.

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Joel on the App-To-Date Podcast

I recorded a podcast appearance with Luke Besant of the App-To-Date Podcast earlier this week. We talked about SongTool (and a little about DelayTool), as well as more general app development topics. Both Luke and his co-host Cameron Norris were great to deal with and I had a lot of fun. App-To-Date is a fast-growing technology […]